Custom made from an heirloom

Last year, a customer contacted us with a special request. She brought us an heirloom - an aging crown of white textile flowers from her mother that she would like to wear, somewhat modernized, at her own wedding.

We were looking forward to the challenge and started with sketches of a new, modern design from the old individual parts.

The original crown was an original from the 80's - pure white flowers made of artificial textile fiber with silver painted plastic flower stamps. Our goal was to upgrade the crown using high quality materials such as silk and pearls. At the same time, reducing the existing flowers and adding custom-made additional flowers made of the semi-transparent silk was to give the crown a lighter look. The rearranged floral arrangement also appears a warm ivory hue due to our choice of materials.

The reinterpretation of the heirloom is a timeless piece of jewelry that - who knows - may be passed down to her daughter again someday. In any case, our customer was very happy with the result.


To complete our client's outfit down to the smallest detail, we embroidered small accents into her veil - elements from the same lace that her dress was made of.

As you can see, we are always happy about new challenges and are already very excited about your personal stories and special requests. Feel free to contact us at any time!