behind the scenes: Fashion Week Paris 2017

Time flies - four years ago now we were at Paris Fashion Week together with Kaviar Gauche!

In spring 2017 we got the request to make an accessories collection for Kaviar Gauche for their fashion week collection "La vie en rose".

LA VIE EN ROSE - 'floating in seventh heaven', 'sleeping in a bed of rose petals' and 'seeing life through rose-colored glasses' are meaningful translations of this French phrase. At the same time, Kaviar Gauche showed its bridal designs for the first time not exclusively in Ivory, but also in powdery rose tones up to Pale Pink.

Our accessories represent a modern "rosy" interpretation of myrtle crowns, which were worn as noble bridal hair ornaments at the turn of the century and passed down through generations. Traditional craft techniques and the finest materials used in couture are the basis of this accessories collection. In meticulous precision work, fine silk fabrics were cut by hand into petals, pressed into shape and artfully assembled into roses and branches with great care. The exclusive headpieces with their crystal thorns give the wearer a graceful, almost royal touch.

Be with us excited about this year's fashion novelties and look back with us in fond memories of Fashion Week 2017! As a cherry on the cake, here's an exclusive look backstage: